​Emails Us: uneza@urvirtualassistant.com

Our plans are designed in such a way that it fits your needs and requirements. You can hire on demand. We have different plans such as daily, weekly and monthly plan.

Our monthly plan is the best plan which will suit you to have an assistant on daily basis for few hours per week. At the other hand, we have pay as you go plan which will give you the best flexibility of using our services whenever needed.

Our monthly plan has a fixed fee for the hours you require per month and pay as you go is something which allows you to pay only for the hours needed for any particular project. You also have the advantage to upgrade and dis-grade the plan option.

Our pricing structure is based on American Currency (USD).

We are only available on weekdays – Monday to Friday and if you want to get some work done on the weekends or any holidays then you will be charged $10 per hour. You can also hold the hours in case if you don’t have work to utilize the plan.

If you are ready, click on the sign-up button and submit your tasks.